Three-Berry Vegan Frozen YogurtI couldn’t just ignore frozen yogurt, especially with more than just slimy soy yogurt on the market. Did you know there’s a soy yogurt shortage? Yeah, so weird. I picked up some vanilla coconut milk yogurt (which I prefer anyway) to make this recipe for Easy Three-Berry Vegan Frozen Yogurt by Bryanna over at the Vegan Feast Kitchen.

Three-Berry Vegan Frozen Yogurt-2The recipe was so darn easy. Blend it all, then churn. My berry mix had four types of berries: blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. And it was really great. I learned from Bryanna that the xanthan gum helps things from freezing into a solid block! Nice! I kind of used a full fat yogurt so I kind of missed the whole fat-free part. Oopsie? I’ll just promise not to eat it all in one serving… maybe.

Three-Berry Vegan Frozen Yogurt-3



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