Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve

Sierra Azul Open Space PreserveI went hiking yesterday! I was looking at my dismal cardio and hiking stats this year and tried to kick it up a notch. So on Sunday I went to the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve-2I got a bit of a late start but managed to snag the last parking spot in the lot. There isn’t much choice of trails at this entrance to the park, just the Woods Trail. A fire road that was honestly kind of boring.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve-3

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve-4I’m not bitching or anything, but the trail was dull. The first 1.3 miles was downhill. That meant that the last 1.3 miles would be uphill. There just wasn’t much variation. The next .7 miles was uphill and it was hot and dusty and unshaded. And it was about 90 degrees. So I opted to turn around at the 2 mile mark to get exactly 4 miles. I wasn’t sure the payoff would be worth it to follow the trail any farther honestly. There wasn’t much to look at and I was hot and tired. I should have pushed myself further but it just didn’t happen this day. Better four miles than zero.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve-5

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