Lands End, San Francisco CA

lands end sf hikeOkay seriously. How many times have I been to the Cliff House with visitors and never stopped in the parking lot RIGHT above it? Down the hill is Ocean Beach, I hit that up too. I’ve never been in that parking lot even though it hosts some pretty stellar sunset views, and the Lands End lookout.

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lands end sf hike-3If you can find Geary you can’t get lost getting to the trail. The trail itself right here is part of the Coastal Trail and it’s the only option. And look! The Golden Gate Bridge! No fog! What weird day! This 3 mile hike is more of a stroll with excellent views of the orange bridge and the ocean. Pretty awesome.

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lands end sf hike-5There are lots of people on this trail, even at 5pm on a weekday. Today I needed to de-stress. I’m fighting off being sick and I’m exhausted from not sleeping. However, I haven’t been out “hiking” since early in the month so I sucked up it and looked for an easy trail. I got an easy trail AND views. And people, there was no need to feel unsafe around here.

lands end sf hike-6There were stairs but they weren’t horrible. Hell, you know it’s a tourist spot when there’s a bench half way. There are 2 sets of stairs actually all the way to the end of Lands End which isn’t the end of the trail but you have to walk along streets and such to pick up the Coastal Trail again so I avoided it.

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lands end sf hike-8I’m going to be honest here. I almost bailed on the hike because of how I felt. However, I wore pants to work and that spurred me on. I did forget my sunglasses so I had to wear my car sunglasses. I’m surprised I remembered my Garmin, my hat, and my camera. I felt weird doing a dumb selfie so I went normal as there were people sneaking up on me through the whole hike. Plus, I was too tired to think of a dumb pose. I need to research more. Because dumb photos of me are awesome. And stairs are better than hills only sometimes. I’m glad this was just a leisurely stroll.

lands end sf hike-9(Oh look! Me and the orange bridge! Hi GG! It was funnier when Karl the fog was here. Ocean, you still rock, and Marin, I swear I’ll try to visit soon!)

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lands end sf hike-11This is probably now going on the list of things to do with visitors. It’s not that strenuous, it’s pretty and you get to see the Golden Gate if there isn’t fog (no guarantee!). Plus, you know, the ocean. Sutro Baths are right here as well as Mile Rock beach. I didn’t go to either because I was tired and my knees hurt so I didn’t want to do the stairs. Plus, it was getting late and I wanted to go home and eat dinner cookies. Excuses, excuses 😉

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