Ill Advised Ice Cream Crawl 2013

imageHappy National Ice Cream Cone Day! Seriously! I couldn’t have timed that better. I want to talk about my day yesterday. Since I’m pretty poor at planning, or the subject of extreme circumstance, yesterday was full of (dairy free) ice cream and it fell right in my month of vegan mofo. My friend Tinny has a birthday in September every year, crazy right? Like, the same day every year! And for a few years now she hosts an ice cream crawl. Bar crawls are a thing of the past… why do that when we can do a circuit of 10 ice cream shops in Oakland and Berkeley in an afternoon? We fought torrential downpours and went on our crawl.

imageYeah, 10. And funny enough we have enough to choose from to be a bit picky. East bay is kind of full of ice cream. Tinny eats vegan as well so she always chooses places with dairy free options. She does all 10 and people come and go during the day, some more than others. She’s amazing and able to hold her sugar. I did 8 in 2011 and last year we skipped because I was sick. This year we started off in Berkeley at Cream which was new to the crawl. I didn’t know Cream was known for their ice cream sandwiches. So to start off the day it was a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (because they had them, not because I’m gf) and mint chip ice cream. It was okay. The cookie was kind of salty and the ice cream was soy based and just okay. Pretty good breakfast though. Ben got a cone. In fact, all of his choices were cones. Good job on him!

imageThe second stop was Ici. We got there when it opened but it was also pouring all morning so I’m not sure we would have hit a huge crowd. Ben got another cone (his fave of the day, a waffle cone with chocolate lining and chocolate peanut butter something with peanuts in it) and I got raspberry-lime sorbet. It was nice. They had raspberry last time I was there too. Oh well. It wasn’t super sweet but the portions were a bit big.

imageThen down the street to Tara’s. In the rain. The rain was getting old, but oh well. I think Ben and I have decided that we don’t really love Tara’s. Ben got another bomb, it was supposed to be raspberry but didn’t taste like anything and I got pumpkin agave. It was okay but pretty damn icy. I mean, more icy than some of my home-made ice cream. The texture was just bad.

imageI think next year we’ll skip out and go to lunch during this stop. Instead we went to lunch after this one and missed 2 of the stops since our wait for lunch was kind of bad. Stupid brunchers.

imageWe caught up with everyone in Oakland by Lake Merrit at Gelato Firenze. Google, I swear, why do you not know the Bay Area? Seriously. It’s not like we couldn’t get there without navigation but we were full from lunch and starting to feel the sugar. Google led us all around the place but we finally got there. And when I saw the sign I lit up because I remembered my last order there.

imageI got the same. Lychee. Damn I love lychee. I was so tempted to get a bubble tea too, they have lychee. But after lunch I knew it would be too much (and way too much sugar). It was awesome. It was my favourite of the day. Ben had some ultra chocolate gelato he said was great and pretty rich.

imageI didn’t want to go to Chocolatier Blue. This is the place I had the horrible salted watermelon sorbet and it’s really crappy to park around there. But we persevered and got a parking spot. This year they had a few more sorbets (they only had the one when we were there in 2011, they have branched out) so I had a choice. I tried a bite of my friend’s chocolate sorbet and it was pretty awesome.

imageHowever, they had peach so I had to get it. It was really good. I was so impressed. We all seriously threw out the watermelon that last time. I’m glad I tried the place again. I’m glad they figured out sorbet too. The husband was ice creamed out by this time so he had a bite of mine.

imageAnd then down the street to Sketch. This was a new one to me as well. They had one sorbet and it was soft serve like their other flavours. Totally fine, a nice change. It was apple and kind of tasted like cold apple cider. Pretty creamy. The husband got coffee and said it was pretty good coffee.

imageThis is where we tapped out. I was fine with eating 2 more but the weather had taken it out of us. It was sunny at Gelato Firenze but we weren’t ready for the morning sogginess. So we only got in 6 but it was all good. Next year, all 10!



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