Welcome to this years Vegan Month Of Food! Since I pretty much write about vegan food every day I really do like being thematic during the month. This is my 4th year for VeganMoFo on this blog, 5th or 6th all together from other blogs.

2010: Keep posting vegan (a good theme, it was a newer food blog then and I wasn’t in the habit of posting so much)
2011: Veganizing The Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook.
2012: Fruit!


ice cream makerYep. Ice cream. 31 full days of VEGAN ICE CREAM. Plan to be sick, sugared out and needing some salty goodness after this whole month binge. All vegan of course. I’ll be trying lots of different bases and flavours. Since the husband has a bit of an addiction to ice cream let’s see if he can keep up! If you’ve been hanging out with me this month you know I tried to get a head start. I still have a long way to go… so let’s get frozen!

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