Roasted Taco-flavored Chickpeas

Roasted Taco-flavored Chickpeas

I’m into week 6 of the blog challenge and I’m fizzling out. I don’t mean to but another new to me blog Good Good Things really has a lack of recipes I want to try. There’s only 33 recipes in the index to try and you know I’m a die hard sugar fan. Yeah. There’s a few more if you go by the recipe tag.

Roasted Taco-flavored Chickpeas-3

I decided on something snacky: Roasted Taco-flavored Chickpeas. Easy to make and a great snack. Pretty awesome on salads too. If they last that long. I just wish I could get them as commercially dry as store bought. Maybe a run through the dehydrator, the oven doesn’t ever seem to do it all for me.

Roasted Taco-flavored Chickpeas-2



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