I Really Hate Running, aka: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual Fun Run

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual fun runwalkRemember when I was dumb and signed up for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual Fun Run purely to get the medal? Well yeah, I got it. I had until November to complete the race but I really wanted it out of the way. I said I’d run, and run I did. Stupid good causes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.03.19 PMI “ran” this Thursday evening. Check out lap 3 (mile 2 to 3)! Jeeze! I’ve been sick since Sunday, sleeping like crap, my knees were already hosed from tennis, and I hadn’t moved off the couch since Saturday afternoon. Why not go for a jog? Oh yeah, I wore heels all day too. Obviously my jog was a last minute decision.

Doctor Who 5kBut I went and even tossed in my promised hill and pushed myself. I didn’t warm up so my first mile was a warm up (and a hill). I’m proud I jogged the whole thing. My average pace was 11:40 which is actually a new PR for me. Go me! My best 5k in ’09 (post c25k) was 36:58 with a 11:48 avg pace. That was with lots of almost daily cardio and actual training. I’m 10 lbs heavier now, haven’t really done pure cardio in a long time (just checked I’ve done 8 hikes in 2013, so bad) and I’m injured. Plus, I was really damn unprepared. Muscle is good yo. Go lift something heavy if you want to be faster, it obviously works.

Doctor Who 5k-2But it hurt. A lot. Damn my heart was jumping out of my chest. My knee was complaining (okay, I should have listened to that) and maybe I should have eaten something besides some tea sandwiches at lunch (and I skipped breakfast, total fueling fail). I’m the first to admit I’m pretty bad at being a runner. If I had planned this I can imagine my time going down even more.

Doctor Who 5k-3I totally respect runners but it isn’t for me. It’s an “easy” portable exercise but well, I don’t like it. I’ll stick to walking and hiking and this race is proof that weights rock. Heavier body mass with no training, feeling like crap and PR? It’s a no brainer… you need to cross train cardiophiles! Please remind me to stop signing up for races though, no matter how cool the medal. Seriously, this sucked.

Doctor Who 5k-4



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