Crazy Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

Crazy Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut CookiesI feel kind of bad on day 2 of the challenge. I seem to be the queen of substitutions (that’s not new) but I really wanted cookies so I made these Crazy Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies from The Lunch Box Bunch. Why do I feel bad for making cookies? Well, the whole point of them is to use coconut palm sugar. But I really was jonesing for cookies last night. And out of my 12+ types of sugar in the house I don’t have any coconut palm sugar. Go figure.

Crazy Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-2I substituted in 100% granulated sugar, but I should have done a 50/50 with brown sugar. Not that the cookies didn’t turn out excellent, because they did. However, they were pretty crispy and to make them a little different I think the brown sugar could have picked up a bit of slack where the palm sugar would have shined. But my craving is totally taken care of, which is always a good thing.

Crazy Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies-3




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  1. I have been craving cookies all day. So far I have resisted the urge, but now that I am home from work and the oven is nearby again I might cave too.

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