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Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

Burleigh Murray Ranch State ParkMy last hike was a quicky. I drove over to Half Moon Bay for a short 2 miler over at Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. So very easy to get to as well.

Burleigh Murray Collage

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-5This is an easy fire road hike. It it pretty flat and there were a couple of people out walking their dogs. On the way up to the barn I saw a few bunnies and a little fox. He was super confused about why I was walking up to him. Of course I couldn’t get a photo. The day was really nice. About 60 degrees and the fog was just burning off.

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-6This hike was pretty uneventful but there was a lot of active wildlife. Lots of scurrying around the edges of the trail and even owls hooting.

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-7The prescribed hike dumps you off at an old dairy barn. It’s pretty cool. As you can see there are a few picnic tables around so that you can have a rest and something to eat. It was pretty quiet around this park however it is right beside a shooting range. There was nothing happening when I was out, I don’t know their hours. I doubt I’d want to hang out if the range was open. On a Sunday morning though it was nice.

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-8I opted to extend my hike a bit past this old cabin. It had  tree growing through it or over it. I couldn’t decide. My camera generally picks up pretty vibrant colours but this one was washed out compared to the brightness of the red tree. I blame it on the fog. I’m too lazy to colour correct hiking photos ;)

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-9Past the cabin the trail was unkept. I stopped taking photos because I had to really pay attention. I did roll my ankle but it was okay, more of a scare. The trail got plenty worse and very overgrown with thistles. I went .75 miles in and had to turn around because the damp thistles were really hurting my exposed legs. Damn capris. I did plan for a pretty easy fire road hike so it was a bit unexpected. I would have gone quite a bit farther but I came to an impasse when the trail 90% disappeared and I didn’t want to get anymore scratches.  So I went 3.5 miles which is fine. It’s a super easy park and walk. I’ll probably be back to see where that trail goes!

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park-10


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