Walk Across The Bridge!

gg bridgeSo I was thinking about how I never do touristy things in my city, San Francisco. Sure, when people are in town we do some of the standards but we generally drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to a lookout on the other side. Hey, it’s a great view. But I decided to chip away at my list and invited friends who were around to join me if they were available. No need to wait for others, that seems to get me to never actually get to my destinations! Scheduling sucks.

gg bridge-2I’ve never walked across the bridge. It was on the list. So we picked a Sunday afternoon and went for it. Parking was a bitch. Most of my friends had different plans but I was determined. Fortunately we found some parking past the overflow parking and it wasn’t too far of a walk. I mean, we were going to a walking destination, I didn’t want to have a ton of extra mileage to get to the damn walk. Yeah, I’m lazy, but the husband joined and I didn’t want to push him. I was just happy he agreed to come in the first place.

gg bridge-6

GG Bridge CollageIt was a bit overcast yet nice (but windy) weather. It was 1.7 miles each way, plus all the other walking it was probably just shy of 4 miles. That’s a pretty healthy walk. The views were great. It was kind of a bummer that the ocean side was for cyclists only so we only really got views of the bay. We did consider walking or driving up the other way for the view but we’ve done that and it was getting late (and I was getting hungry). Overall a fun “touristy” thing to do, even if parking was a bitch.

gg bridge-7

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