Raw Triple Berry Crisp

Raw Triple Berry CrispMy house is still full of berries, no matter how much chocolate and peanut butter I try to cram into my diet this week. I needed a break, something a bit lighter. For my 3rd recipe from Oh She Glows I found a Raw Triple Berry Crisp.

Raw Triple Berry Crisp-2I made enough for two… and ate it all. What is up this week? Well, to be honest the husband saw strawberries and passed. His allergies have been bad and they are a high histamine berry. I didn’t have any raspberries so I just skipped them. Instead of both walnuts and pecans (which I find similar and they aren’t my favourites) I used walnuts and almonds. I loved the almonds in this, it was great. The sweetness from the maple syrup was perfect. This is very dessert-like. I didn’t feel deprived after getting used to processed sugar everyday so it was a nice way to get back into the swing of fruits instead of chocolate.

Raw Triple Berry Crisp-3



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