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I first heard of The Plant Cafe when I was flying out of SFO. Yep. In an airport terminal. I found out they had actual cafes in the city and one in Burlingame which is just down the street from my house. It’s just down the street but far enough away that we don’t venture there much.



But the husband wanted to go shopping in the city and I said I’d go if we did brunch. So we headed on over. There were tables but they insisted that we had to sit at the counter. Kind of lame. We should have “waited” for a table but I was super hungry.



There’s so much on the menu for both of us. I had a hard time deciding honestly. Ben went with eggs benedict and said they were great, I went with the tofu scramble. The crumbly part of the scramble was awesome with pesto but the chunks were a bit bland. There’s fruit behind the toast. I can’t wait to go back honestly. Lots to choose from and they do have evening hours so maybe we’ll do dinner soon.


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