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More Vegan Brownies

Vegan BrowniesOkay! Week 3 of the blogger challenge. This blog is a familiar one (even though it didn’t make my most recent blog cull), Oh She Glows. I tried the Vegan Brownie recipe first. Man, I love a good brownie.

It was super easy to make my own flours since I have a Blendtec. Just tossed in some whole almonds and oats. Done. I didn’t make the gluten-free option and they were tasty. Not extremely fudgy, maybe I should have pulled them out at 32 minutes instead of 34. Who knows. I put them in the fridge overnight after they cooled fully to help cut them. Easy peasy!

Vegan Brownies-2


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  1. Shannon says

    I have made these before gluten free and didn’t think they were too bad. My current favorite recipe is from Sticky Finger’s cook book, and it’s a little bit fudgier!

    • Shannon says

      Oh, good to know, I’m going to have to hunt that one down.

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