Carrot Cake Sticky Rolls

Carrot Cake Sticky rolls

I haven’t made cinnamon rolls in a long time! I love carrot cake so hey, why not? This is the 2nd recipe I chose for the blogging challenge week 1: Carrot Cake Sticky Rolls. I’m unsure of why they are called sticky rolls though. I always consider sticky rolls to have a sauce on the bottom when baking and then flipped upside down to reveal the amazing sticky stuff when serving. These are more akin to rolls, like cinnamon rolls.

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The dough was kind of a pain in the butt. I finally got a good dough going and let it rise for 90 minutes. It took a lot of finesse, probably due to the moisture in the carrots and the whole wheat flour not really playing well. I decided on just using my cinnamon sugar as a filling with the walnuts, raisins, earth balance and maple syrup. There were a lot of walnuts. No complaints from the husband, he loves walnuts! I also made a half batch and I baked them in texas muffin tins, my normal method since I don’t like buns touching.

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Carrot Cake Sticky rolls-4

Yeah, they needed a topping. I went just plain boring (hey, I wanted to eat!) with some confectioners sugar and almond milk. It gave a great sweetness to the buns. The bottoms got a little extra done but hey, who cares? There’s sugar and cinnamon and carrots dammit!

Carrot Cake Sticky rolls-5

They got inhaled and I was kind of wishing I had made a full batch. However, this challenge is 10 weeks and I’ll be baking a lot. So moderation is going to be key here! Moderation, one sticky bun at a time.

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