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Año Nuevo State Park-23I did squeeze in a hike in July. Barely. I went down to Pescadero and visited Año Nuevo State Park. A bit on the pricey side ($10) but it’s easy to get to and I was craving some time by the ocean.

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Año Nuevo State Park-24I did this hike at about 3pm, the fog was still clinging to the mountains but it was pretty clear on the trails. You are told at the entry that you need a permit to go visit the seals which is fine. The permit is a brochure and a free talk about the out and back hike and how not to be a douche in a state park (don’t take crap, don’t poke seals with sticks, etc…). Hey, it was free after the $10 parking.

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Año Nuevo State Park-26There were a lot of people around, everyone wanted to see the seals it seemed. However it wasn’t super crowded and there were guides at the look out points. I opted to go all the way to North Point and it was 4.35 miles round trip.

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Año Nuevo State Park-22The hard part of this hike is the dunes. Yep, sand. It’s not really a huge deal. Thank goodness I had flip-flops in the car though, my socks and shoes were not going to be comfortable on the way home. On the way back to the parking lot I did go up the steep side of the dune, just to push myself a bit. I already had sand all in my shoes so it’s not like it was going to make a bigger mess.

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I did end up seeing seals. I knew it was going to be okay when there were cranes flying over my head as well as other birds. I found a female seal right under the ledge where I was taking selfies taking a nap.

Ano Nuevo Collage 4 Ano Nuevo Collage 3I took a lot of photos, sorry about that. I was just kind of snap happy. It was a nice overcast day. Perfect for a coastal hike. It was about 60 degrees but no real breeze. I’m definitely keeping this hike in my back pocket for visitors and maybe to bring the husband. He could totally handle this one.

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  1. Love the photo of the seal! I used to volunteer for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, and just fell in love with them.

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