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Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I had a weird day of eats. I baked a cake for work so I was too busy getting that ready instead of making breakfast. Good thing I had some fruit in the house. I had the melon all ready but added some sliced strawberries. This took me about an hour and a half to get through, I wasn’t feeling the sweetness of the fruit. I was thinking more of toast. Go figure.

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By the time lunch rolled around I was seriously hungry for something not sweet. I had some leftover curried tofu I got at a bodega by work with some plain pita chips and half a bag of baby carrots. I read the label when I was done and the tofu mixture had honey in it, I didn’t look when I bought it since it was beside the vegan mac & cheese. It was tasty but the honey was unneeded. I mean really, who puts sweetener in curried tofu that already has currants? Jerks. I’m kind of bummed because Whole Foods stopped making their tofu salad at my location so this was a cool find.

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That lunch was not enough either. I know I should have had a bigger lunch but that’s what I had in the office. At 3pm to get through some meetings I had a Clif bar. Hey, I didn’t eat the cake I brought so it was half of an accomplishment.

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I was thinking about pasta salad all day and I knew that’s what I wanted for dinner. So I had a big bowl with random veggies and chickpeas instead of black beans. A Quorn chicken patty sandwich made another vegetarian meal (damn egg whites). I was still hungry after dinner so I had dessert. I should write up a recipe, this chocolate peanut butter pudding I made was fab!

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