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Well, rec lessons stopped after my session. The office claimed nobody signed up in the winter for Saturday mornings, so why bother with weekend summer courses? Yeah… totally makes sense. Anyway, they pretty much canned the old regime and went with new people who didn’t want to work weekends I guess. They have lessons during the week in the morning and evenings. Not gonna fly. I heard they are more recreational and less instructional. I really enjoy working on form and getting things right rather than just plain cardio with possible injuries from flailing around. I do flail a lot, I appreciate being called out for wrist action and all my other bad habits.



So my courtmates and I decided to just “play” on Saturday mornings anyway. The week after a solo week (which was pretty fun, we were laughing at ourselves more than hitting the ball) our old instructor showed up unexpectedly. We had a make-up lesson and offered to just coach us outside of the city program. It’s been about 6 weeks or so I guess and I’m pretty darn happy with the lessons.  I’m still very bad but I’m getting better and starting to remember technique he shows us. Today we were learning to serve to switch things up a bit and he took photos of us in the proper positions to remind us what to look for in form. So photos of me is a perfect excuse for a blog post! No, I didn’t ever look like this when I was swatting at the ball off camera. I have to master tossing the ball to myself first. I’m a bit slow, it’s okay. Oh well. The other girls are really fun to play with and catch on really damn quickly. Honestly, they are pretty natural and I just kind of have to try really hard at every ball that comes my way. I don’t mind though because I learn a lot by watching them.



So if you want pretty cheap lessons at 9am in San Mateo on Saturdays, ping me! Or if you want to play on a Tuesday or Thursday evening that works too. And by play I mean “run around the court because I seriously still have no aim”. You might have a better time at a lesson. Heh.

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