Essential Overnight Raised Waffles

Huge waffles! I rarely make waffles full-sized, but the batter on these Essential Overnight Raised Waffles is pretty runny so I decided to fill ‘er up! You have to know when you want waffles because these require an overnight sit on the counter. Some have commented about leaving the batter overnight and how that could be funky with the milk but honestly it’s a sourdough starter at it’s finest. Yep, bacteria and all that fun stuff is what makes these darn tasty. I used almond milk so I didn’t really have to worry about sour milk but leave it out of the fridge. You’ll get a better flavour. I swear.

Essential Overnight Raised Waffles-2

My other substitutions were margarine and a flax egg (hence the speckles). Honestly, I don’t think it needed the egg replacement at all.  They came out very crisp, but as they got cool they got a bit limp, so be sure to serve them hot. They tasted great but I don’t think that they out shined a regular same day recipe. Or even the Classic Sourdough Waffles.

Essential Overnight Raised Waffles-3

Serving suggestions? I’m all about fruit and maple syrup. These would probably make great dessert waffles as well with ice cream or nutella.  Half of a recipe made 4 huge waffles in Mr. Foreman.

Essential Overnight Raised Waffles-4