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We were in Reno yesterday for a wedding reception and had really no plans other than that. Well, eating is always on my plan so I took to Yelp to find a cool spot for lunch. There was a vegetarian restaurant and it got iffy reviews so I went with Anthony’s Dandelion Deli (warning, music, oi).

Dandelion Collage

The interior was really cute and it was light and airy. And wow! They cater to all sorts of diets! Vegan, gluten-free, vegan gluten-free and so on!  Everything is marked and Anthony is really great about helping with choices and even giving some samples (the husband wasn’t sure about the curried turkey, so he got a bite to see if it should be a whole sandwich.



Decisions were hard. Really hard. Funny enough I ended up with a hummus wrap. I had been craving hummus for a few days and I was way too lazy to either go to the store or make my own. The sandwich was a good size and I think I had enough sprouts to make up for the past 6 months that have been sprout free. The hummus was garlicky and not skimped on either. Truly homemade and super tasty. I got chips but never got to to them, the sandwich was fine.


As I said the husband got the curry turkey. Had to show a picture since he was impressed that it was a human sized sandwich. We’ve been getting a lot of massive sandwiches in the bay area lately and they are just too much. This was reasonable, the price was right and he didn’t have to feel obliged to eat past being full just because it was there.



Honestly, I was more interested in the cake! They had regular carrot cake, vegan carrot cake and vegan gluten-free carrot cake. I took the middle road and just got the plain vegan carrot cake with buttercream icing. It was really nice. The cake was a bit more dense than what I made but I still had problems sharing. The buttercream was really darn tasty too.



I had to get a cookie to go! Unfortunately It got broken before I could take a photo but this was a really amazing peanut butter cookie. Again, I didn’t want to share but I did give the husband a bite. I’m nice like that. If we’re back in Reno it’s definitely a place we will stop in at again. We both had great meals and it was a really nice environment.

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