Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Scones

whole wheat carrot cake scones-4

Not your average breakfast. These Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Scones are divine, but a sugar rush. Not in a bad way, but I wouldn’t suggest them as part of your healthy well balanced breakfast!

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So why not break down and have them as dessert? I found the recipe super easy. Mostly because I didn’t follow the recipe instructions. My food processor was already dirty so I made them how I make regular scones. In my mixer. Shh. Don’t tell. I’m lazy, and it’s really really easy to overmix in a mixer so be sure to watch carefully.  I went old school with the glaze and mixed it by hand (since I didn’t feel like washing out the already dirty mixer right away.  I should have washed out the mixer. Oops.
whole wheat carrot cake scones

These are a fantastic treat though. You can really taste the allspice. You can also pretend that the carrot and whole wheat flour makes them healthy. Or something. It honestly just adds great texture. I used margarine and just completely omitted the egg for a tad more apple sauce. The glaze had tofutti cream cheese and vanilla almond milk subs. whole wheat carrot cake scones-2

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