What I Ate Wednesday: 5/8/2013



Happy Wednesday! I’m still not done my muesli. I will be by Friday however. Hey, it was a big bag. Today with added strawberries. It kept me full for quite a bit. Lunch kind of sneaked up on me today. That’s rare.


And lunch was at Panera. I really wanted the fruit cup so I paid more and still got the chips. The chips are still in my car untouched actually. I couldn’t decide what to eat so I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let me tell you, the cashier was awesome. I ordered the pb& j. She asked me if I want an adult one, or a kids size. I said I’d love an adult pb&j, I was hungry so she worked it all out that I got it on my choice of wheat bread and it was a bit bigger. She had to wrangle things in the system but then I heard her go back and explain exactly what I wanted to the sandwich makers. Then they delivered it directly to my table. Thanks!


Dinner was a curry with chickpeas and kale. I had planned on broccoli all day, and then noticed I didn’t have any. Oops. I was going to have a huge portion steamed on the side. Instead, I cooked up half of a bunch of kale and then added it to the curry serving. It worked. The curry was a bit spicy so I had some strawberries to cool down my mouth.


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