Sourdough Carrot Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

sourdough carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
I was craving carrot cake so I set out to make a cake. I mean, I can share it (if I want) at work so I found a good recipe that would kill two birds with one stone over at King Arthur Flour. This recipe for sourdough carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is pretty basic if you overlook the fact that it has sourdough starter in the batter. That’s obviously non standard. But I needed to feed my starter since it had been awhile so why throw out good “old” starter when you can make something with it?


sourdough carrot cake with cream cheese frosting-2
(I just love this photo). Anyway, I set out to make a cake and noticed I didn’t have enough white granulated sugar. Yes, I didn’t have 1 cup of plain white sugar. I have about 15 different types of sugar in the house but of course I was almost out of white sugar (I didn’t want to buy fancy pants organic white sugar at Trader Joe’s so I didn’t pick any up this week). But I did have enough for a half batch of this recipe so I made cupcakes and got 16. That’s more than enough to share.  I let these sit in the fridge for a while after they were frosted and the flavours were great. It might be a standard recipe but it’s pretty good. No surprise raisins for the haters, but there is pineapple. Next time I’ll cut way back on the oil. It really does make a nice cake but it’s a lot and I think it doesn’t need to be so oily. I didn’t make the standard cream cheese recipe, I just mixed up a standard vegan one with Tofutti cream cheeze and called it a day.


sourdough carrot cake with cream cheese frosting-3

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