New York Style Pizza

So, this months challenge for the Baking Partners was New York Style Pizza. We have a lot of great entries and I always like making pizza. Plus, the pizza dough recipe over at Feeling Foodish and the sauce recipe over at Serious Eats were already vegetarian. Just had to sub margarine for butter in the sauce so I’m not going to repost the recipes here. Couldn’t be easier, right?



Yeah, and then that happened. My pizza stone died. I heard a bang the other day when I was baking something else and I knew what was going on. Total bummer. Now I need to replace it but I really had to make the challenge pizza. So I went old school with my mom’s very old pizza pan and hoped for the best.

new york style pizza

The dough was so easy. I actually weighed it all out and it was just very easy. I loved how thin and easy it was to work with. I had it 48 hours in the fridge and it was fine. I weighed the ingredients, it always works out so much better.

new york style pizza-2

So the sauce was very basic but just what I wanted. I do admit I added a tiny bit of sugar, I just like a sweeter sauce. It was very tasty. I went very basic and topped it with a bit of Daiya wedge and some shiitake mushrooms that showed up in my CSA box. I didn’t add my usual spices on top because I wanted the sauce to shine a bit more than usual.

new york style pizza-3

new york style pizza-4

Honestly, this was a great pizza. I loved the crust. The sauce was okay I guess, but the crust was beautiful. It really reminded me of New York Pizza, but of course it was missing that “something”. Not sure if it needed a bit more salt or something else but the crust without sauce or toppings was just missing something. That’s all good though, because I’ll make it over and over since it is a great piece of pie.

new york style pizza-5

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  1. That is a beautiful pie Shannon. I’d say it turned out perfectly despite the pizza stone.

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  2. Shannon, Your vegan version of pizza looks delicious, May you can try baking them at high temperature.

  3. Beautifully done Shannon, I agree with you that crust was the best part of the recipe.

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