Meet Daisy! 2013 KTM Duke 690

duke 690 first day-2
Today was a good day! It actually started off at CalMoto in Mountain View for the husband. He’s getting a new exhaust but unfortunately they didn’t have the indicators he wanted so he had to order them and will have to go back. He’s getting a bike upgrade today, and I’m finally getting my bike! But we had to drive to Livermore to pick it up. Oh well, it was a lovely day.


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KTMs are orange. Seriously. It’s a good thing I’m not really afraid of orange, and honestly it’s growing on me. Plus, they pair it with black a lot. When you walk into the dealership you see a sea of orange up front. To the left is all the Triumphs and in another room are the BMWs. I was looking around for my bike, a brand new KTM Duke 690,  and found her tucked in at the front window. She’s been getting a lot of attention. The dealership only got this 1 black and they will be getting a white one in June.  The box on the handlebars is the Roadlok system. It’s pretty awesome. For this model I had to order directly from the dealership so they slipped it on for me. Not that it’s hard. It’s 2 bolts.


duke 690 first day
Oh, so cute! We trailered her home since I really need to tool around the neighbourhood a few miles before I take on a few major highways and a bridge. A very  windy bridge. I also happen to have panic attacks on bikes, or my last one so I want to take it a bit slow. It’s all mental but I think this bike is really going to be fun and worth the mental break in period. It’s light, easy to maneuver and can keep up easily in traffic.


duke 690 first day-4

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  1. You look so very nice on your new bike “DAISY” and she fits you so well. Have fun and talk to you later.

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