In Which I Remember I’m a Newb

Oh yeah. I totally suck at riding motorcycles. But then I look down and notice I have 10 miles on the bike. 10 miles isn’t going to make an expert of me. So, the prescription is more practice. I have no idea what this bike will do, what it is capable of, and I have to worry about me and my pretty non existent skills. No wonder I’m in a nervous mental place. I’m not even counting my Missouri riding. That was also a mental mess, so let’s just call this the beginning.

The big thing is confidence. I’m at 0. Self doubt is in my blood. It’s not for fear of the bike’s safety, I’m cool with it laying down. I have enough gear to keep me in one piece. Most of those 10 miles were at 10mph. Hell, I put crash bars on because 1. they look cool and 2, it will minimize spend on replacing important parts. Obviously, I’m avoiding laying it down or having myself on the pavement (or on a car hood, or in a bush…) but I know I can be safe and still progress in skills. It just takes time. My brain doesn’t get that.

It will come. Not everyone is a natural. I’m excited for the day my hands stop shaking when I reach for the key. I have to get out there. The husband is super supportive and stood in the parking lot and made me feel comfortable. He got me there and back in 1 piece following me. Now, to figure out how to practice this week. I’m determined to get this down and not hooligan style, at my own damn pace. No need to be throwing myself off a cliff when I can use the stairs.


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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.


  1. If you go to YouTube and type in motorman857 you will find excerpts of an instructional video the instructor/CHP officer has that helps with safety and rider skills. Are you ok with the crash bars fitted?

    1. Yep. It’s just confidence. Need to practice. I should be fine on the street I just don’t have the balls 😉 Going to get more miles under my belt and the shivers should calm down 🙂

  2. What? You say you ”don’t have the balls??” Why you just baked up a bunch of ”BANANA BALLS” the other day! HAHA!! Could you PLEASE tell me if the ”CRASH BARS” are hitting your shins or anything else? Thank You….

    1. The crash bars are honestly a little bit in the way, but not enough to cause any issues. I don’t have issues knocking my knee/shin or anything getting my foot down to shift and my brake lever is still in the stock position so I have to lift up my foot for that anyway. My husband did a loop in the parking lot and never even mentioned their positioning so I assume they were pretty unobtrusive for him as well.

  3. shannon has the biggest balls I know.. but yeah.. start slow and enjoy it.. we like you in one piece.

    1. Aw thanks Mindy! You’ve witnessed the crazy stress though when I rode to knitting that one day in Clayton. Wow, I was really spooked! Now I’m trying to handle that with a bit better support system of riders out here 🙂

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