What I Ate Wednesday 4/3/2013


Okay, I totally forgot to take a photo of my breakfast yesterday since I started documenting what is happening on Tuesdays. I could have waited till today but you’ve seen oatmeal before. It had raisins and bananas. Snazzy huh?


Today was super busy so I’m glad I brought my lunch. I had Easter leftovers (I still have to write up the recipe, working on it) and had some baby carrots but I threw them back in the fridge. With a big breakfast I didn’t need a lot for lunch.



It didn’t stop me from snacking though! I had a peach but what I really wanted was a mini dark chocolate bunny. The peach was horrible and way out of season. The bunny was totally awesome and in season. Eat in season folks, it makes a difference!


I didn’t have a taste for anything specific for dinner so I made some plain pasta but needed a protein. I made a chickpea and lentil salad (I’ll post about it later, it’s quite labour intensive) and some roasted cauliflower that was on it’s last legs. That’s about it for the day. Lots of pretty dense food but I’ve been doing my walks so I feel like I need a bit more especially in the mornings after my 3+ mile walks.

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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.


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