Water Dog Lake Park

Water Dog Lake Park
I missed hiking last week and that didn’t bode well for my 4 hikes this month. So today after work I did a quick detour up into Belmont about 10 minutes from my house. I heard there was a 1.5 mile trail tucked in the neighborhood so I put on my baby camelbak and headed out to Water Dog Lake Park.

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There were a few trails in this little park so I opted to take the Lake Road trail first which was 1.3 miles and was kind of like a fire road. Pretty easy and there were a lot of people out since this trail backs into houses and apartment complexes. Very friendly and safe.

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Can I just talk about the weather? Look? No jacket! It’s beautiful out today but even with sunscreen I got a bit of colour unfortunately. Hopefully it will tone down by tomorrow but it was still nice. It’s supposed to be hot this weekend so I’m not really sure where I’m going hiking. My original plan my be wiped since it will probably be over 90 degrees down there. Anyway, back to this park!

Water Dog Lake Park-5
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And there’s a lake! That I found (we all know this is rare for me to actually find a park feature I’m looking for, it’s okay). Go figure. I actually passed it up (on purpose) when I was on the other trail to do a bit of exploring. The ironic part was that there was a dog in the water in Water Dog Lake when I went to take my photos. Everything was very easy to get through since I didn’t hit the trails until after this point.

Water Dog Lake Park-6


The actual Water Dog Trail was pretty nice. It got steep in spots and there were mountain bikers on the thin trail. That was my only issue honestly. It’s a pretty small loop around the lake but very pretty. I came out on the left side of the lake which was very very steep and almost had to go down the damn incline on my butt. I prevailed and made it down on my feet AND made it without taking a header.

water dog collage 2

This is a cute little park and I can picture myself coming back for a quick hike. I did 3+ miles in the hour I had before I headed home for dinner.

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