Teavivre Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black Tea

teavivre superfine tan yang gong fu black tea
It’s wet and rainy today. My walk was soggy so I had to warm up with some tea. Not that I don’t drink tea everyday, just humour me.

This is another yummy Teavivre tea. This Tan Yang Gong Fu black tea is surprisingly mellow. Look at how light this first brew is. It’s darker in the cup obviously but some of these black teas are almost opaque with a 30 second brew.

There is no bitterness or harshness in this black tea. Even on the first brewing which is very weird (but good) to me. Very smooth with a slightly sweet aftertaste. I don’t get the sweet potato taste, but that’s not a bad thing to me since I hate sweet potatoes. If you don’t think you can drink black tea straight up I’d try this one first before a more tannic or finicky tea that can turn bitter in one second. This one is very forgiving and stands up to a second brew easily. Third brew is a little weak but fine.

teavivre superfine tan yang gong fu black tea-2

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