Tazo China Green Tips Green Tea

It’s Monday and I’m exhausted. I did a lot this weekend, 2 hikes, 1:40 worth of tennis and a few walks. It’s all caught up to me. I couldn’t get out of bed for my walk this morning and it’s supposed to be super hot. Plus, I have a heavy workout tonight. After work maybe? Ugh. I just feel like I’m never caught up on this challenge.

And I’m looking at bagged tea this week. There’s nothing wrong with bagged tea but I found this Tazo China Green Tips just okay.  They have it at Starbucks, I believe it is their default green tea and I’ve had it a lot.

it’s just kind of plain.  Nothing wrong with a plain tea but it doesn’t make much of a palette impact. You can oversteep this tea without it turning into a horrible mess. That’s kind of nice I guess. It can’t really offend anyone because it’s so mild. It’s good in a pinch but I wouldn’t seek it out for my own stash.

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