St. Louis Style Pizza

stl pizza
I’ve lived in St. Louis twice. Twice is more than enough for me but I did make some great friends and honestly the second time around (being a homeowner) wasn’t so bad. But I belong in NorCal (most days) and my heart is here.

stl pizza-2
The husband’s heart is in St. Louis. At least when it comes to pizza. The guy doesn’t like thick crust so we’d never share a pie even if we could. He loves thin crust and prefers St. Louis style thin crust pizza. Like Imo’s.

stl pizza-3

I found a recipe over at King Arthur Flour and gave it a whirl. St. Louis style is super thin and this one didn’t have yeast so it could be made quickly. That was really great. But something was missing. The husband needed more cheese on his (I was a meanie and skimped) and mine was just…okay. I’m not one to judge but the crust was missing that greasy pizza “I totally know it’s bad for me and I don’t care” taste. I think if I made this again I would drizzle the crust with some olive oil to help with that. I didn’t make mine as paper thin as his since well, I was lazy.

stl pizza-4

It really was crisp though, so that’s pretty nice. I do like a yeast crust better but hey, it’s fun to change it up, especially on a weeknight when you hadn’t planned pizza and want something quick!

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