Sour Flour Bagel Class At La Victoria Bakery

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Happy Sunday! Today I claimed my Living Social deal for a bagel baking class put on by Sour Flour at La Victoria Bakery in the Mission. It was a beautiful day in the city and I went for a little walk before we got down to business. I had to build up my appetite!

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There were 12 of us in class and we were all eager to learn the ways of the SF bagel. This class was based on sourdough so not really a traditional bagel but a damn tasty one. My classmates were all eager to learn and had all different levels of skills.  The class was easy to follow and lots of pointers were given out throughout the whole few hours.

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Let’s get real here, I rarely work a dough fully by hand. I rely on my mixer since my arms are kind of sketchy. So this class was fun and I got to develop a really nice dough structure by working it by hand only.

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We made and formed our bagels to take home raw and to bake in a few hours. While in between rises we cooked up some pre-made bagels that were hanging out in the proofing box and topped them how we saw fit. We worked in teams and did a quick assembly line from the boiling to the toppings. It was really fun.

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We got some great bagels after about 15 minutes in the huge ovens. We shared them all (I ate 2, I was hungry) and then hung out for a bit in the cafe. It had a lot of cool artwork and was a pretty relaxed place.

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I went home after hanging out and binging on carbs and got ready to bake my own bagels. We were supposed to get sheets (so we didn’t have to take notes) but I guess they forgot to hand them out. So I boiled my bagels for a little less than a minute (I eyeballed them) and them put them in 450 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. I have a lot of toppings for bagels already so I opted for everything, sesame and 1 with light salt. Honestly the everything seasoning started to burn before the bagels got very dark. They tasted pretty good and I had a pretty fun day.

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