Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

skyline open space preserve
I went for a hike! And I didn’t get lost getting to the park, which is a nice change. It would have been hard getting lost going to Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve since it’s directly on Skyline Blvd (which is big) and there’s a handy dandy sign. So yeah, I still give myself an A+.  I took Page Mill Road up through the twisties and reminded myself I don’t want to ride my motorcycle there for quite a while. Crazy hairpin turns.

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It was breathtaking at the beginning of the hike. I drove through rain and was kind of bummed on the way to the park since I didn’t really feel like hiking in the rain. The fog belt never burned off fully so half of the range was still in a blanket of contentment. I was worried I was going to be stuck in the rain and fog but I was just shy of being on that line.

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I of course didn’t find the right trail head.  I found the right park, and technically the right trail, just not in the right spot to start on the trail. The funny thing about directions is that they only work if you start in the same place as said directions. No worries, I’m a pro at wandering. Today wasn’t for time, it was for getting back into the swing of things. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on a trail and I didn’t want to die out in the “wilderness”.

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The first trail was around Horseshoe lake. It was so pretty. And super easy! Since I was going the wrong direction and didn’t follow my instructions I was sure this was going to be a nice easy walk. It started getting muddy early on but I was in high spirits.

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Stopped to take a selfie, wondering if the ducks and bunnies would be the only wildlife I would see. And then I ended up in the parking lot. That didn’t quite work out right. Turns out since I didn’t start at the right trailhead I totally missed the turns I was supposed to take to make my hike, you know, a hike. Go figure. So up I went and I started the real hike.

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There is no way for me to tell you how out of shape I felt and how steep those hills really were. It kind of sucked. The trail is under construction so there was lots of debris and vehicles on the side of the trails. They are widening the trails so that’s good. I had to stop to take a breather multiple times, so I used the excuse to take photos of creepy trees. I’m thinking these guys look very evil at night.

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But the view was worth it. My camera is pretty old now but the vibrancy and mist is all real. It’s surreal living in this part of the county. I totally love it. The rest of the hike went well. I ended up down at Alpine lake (Horseshoe was prettier so I just ditched those photos) and then back uphill another 1.5 miles to where I parked. The hike took me past a startled family of deer (not sure why they were startled, I’m really damn loud) and fortunately I didn’t encounter any rattlesnakes. The exposed parts of the hike were a bit more dry than the shaded parts but there were no huge puddles of mud so I only got mildly dirty.

Overall this is a good place to hike and pretty easy to get to. Like most places off of Skyline it can get a bit noisy but it’s a really safe park with options for the whole family.

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