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I decided to make a section on motorcycles on my blog since I’m getting a new bike very soon. Maybe some gear review would be fun, plus a place to store all my dorky photos besides instagram. This could be way more technical if I let the husband spell it out for me. Instead I just took liberties. Forgive me if you want something technical, I can get it spelled out for you. I’m writing this from my foggy memory on no sleep, expect edits.

Here are the players:


’08 Suzuki M50



This was my frist bike. I thought it was awesome to look at (there were blue sparkles in the black paint, totally sweet). However, I didn’t like riding it so it got a total of 50 miles from my butt. How lame is that? PS: I don’t recommend buying a bike before you can ride. The husband liked tooling around on this one on the highway but it just sat around in the shed. Good thing I didn’t do any mods.

’08 Victory Vegas
Jean Gray

The husbands first bike (he bought it before he had his official license and loved it, ymmv). He just got rid of it last month. He loved Jean with all of his heart but it had a weird backfiring issue that he spent years trying to work around and he wanted something new. Jean was really modded up and had a lot of billet. A lot. Too many mods to spell out. Honestly, I think the frame was stock, that’s about it.


’12 Triumph Bonneville SE
The Tardis (my name for it!)

The commuter bike in the family. Jean was kind of blingy and she wasn’t up for much SF commuting (you could pay your SF rent with one of those forward controls). Especially with the parking situation in SoMA. So the husband got a commuter bike and ventured into Triumph territory. There’s a new flyscreen on her (not pictured), the 2 in 1 pipes, the end mirrors, new shocks, the corbin seat and I’m sure something else I’m forgetting. This is a bike *I* can ride unlike the Victory which was way too heavy for me (and powerful).

’13 Triumph Street Triple R
Ororo Munroe

Ororo Munroe
The fun bike! The Vegas wasn’t up to commuting and wasn’t up to our local twisties if we wanted to venture out for a day. The husband traded in Jean for Ororo, The Phoenix for Storm. He loves this bike. It’s so different (in a good way) and he got it adjusted to be the perfect ride. It’s gotten new mirrors, a tail tidy, a flyscreen, and new shoes (tires) which have to be put on.


’13 KTM Duke 690
Daisy (Duke)


The wife’s bike! (Photo of the beat up tester) I put a deposit on this fun ride. I’ve been looking for a new bike and it took me a few years to decide if I wanted one. Then last fall I decided I did. Last winter I re-did the MSF course. And then I bought a lot of gear. It was a hard choice. I was set on a Royal Enfield but then the husband test rode one and steered me clear. Cute bikes, not for me. I wouldn’t be able to handle the vibrations and quirks and I would bitch a lot. I did that with my last bike. He knows. I trust him on that.

Then I was looking at Moto Guzzi’s, the husband was steering me towards a Thurxton or a Scrambler to keep things in the Triumph family and I had no eyes on sports bikes, yuck. But at the Triumph dealer they mentioned the new KTM Duke and we waited for it to come in for a test ride. It’s light. Really light. 350 lbs wet. And it’s speedy but not heart attack speedy (I won’t get run over by a SUV on the highway). And  I fell in love. It’s…fun!

Planning on a tail tidy right away (it has a really ugly plastic fender thing) and maybe a flyscreen. Then we’ll see from there what she needs after being all tuned and adjusted to me. I’m hearing May for delivery, I just want it to be here so I can tool around my hood and practice!  Now I have to get friendly with the colour orange.

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  1. Hello Shannon,
    My name is Eric and I found you on KTM FORUMS to which I am not yet a subscriber.
    I too have a KTM DUKE 690 on order but a white one. Would be nice to share notes with each other.

    1. Hi Eric! I just heard my bike will be ready Tuesday! Not sure I can pick it up during the week as it’s kind of far away but I’d love to chat about it more 🙂

  2. Thank You for writing back as this form of writing through a blog is all new to me. I wanted to tell you that if you go to KTM USA page, then to NAKED BIKES, then to our bike, then to downloads, you can download the OWNERS MANUAL in PDF. I have read mine 3 times. Also I have mine ordered from Scuderia in San Francisco.

    1. Oh! You are local! I’m in San Mateo! Scuderia was all out of preorders when I thought about it so I got mine at Tri Valley Moto. When I’m better acquainted with riding again (and your bike gets in) we should go for a spin!

  3. Yes I am local as I live about 3 miles east of Coyote Hills Regional Park. Also I am now riding a Suzuki DR650 that I go mostly to La Honda, Woodside, Page Mill Road that kind of stuff. If you and your husband need any assistance in brining your DAISY DUKE home as in one more person to ride with you across the bridge or the use of a truck, just let me know. Talk to you soon! Eric…

    1. Thanks SO much for the offer. We’ve got a truck AND a double trailer so we’re all set. Then I have to get on the bike and practice practice practice!

  4. Was wondering when n where u got rid of that 08 victory I think that’s the same bike I bought on july 5 2013

  5. I bought it in socal but it looks just like the one in the pic n vfc3 is on the bat the only difference I see is the windshield but everything else is spot on how many miles where on it when sold

  6. All of your post are really awesome.
    I just fall in love, Victory Vegas Jean Gray, this bike just killed it. Can u please give more details about this bike.
    Thank U

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