Grain Free, Almost Sugar Free, Vegan Brownies

Yup. I was excited to find this recipe. Not that I’m into restricting my grain intake but because I have some paleo friends who really like desserts. Grain Free Brownies are super easy.

Grain Free Brownies-2I made these for Passover because almonds are cool while peanuts are uncool with some folk. One of the people I met there happened to be sugar free and doing only natural sugars so these were perfect after she picked off the chocolate chips. I only used stevia in the batter, not a stevia and sugar mixture so it was good to go!

These are not as sugary obviously but they were darn tasty. I got them to minimally sink by cooling them in the oven with the door cracked. I’m glad for that tip, it really worked.

Grain Free Brownies

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