Food Truck Friday: Tres Truck

I just don’t learn. That’s okay.  I’ve been meaning to try the Tres truck for a bit now, but since my last taco fiasco I decided to wait. Mostly because the only thing I can eat on this truck is tacos. However, they do have a pretty mean looking bacon wrapped hotdog I know the husband would love.

The raja tacos sounded pretty awesome. Mushrooms as the base, totally cool by me. And honestly, they were damn tasty. However, when I bitched about my mini $2.50 tacos I meant to really bitch about these mini $3.00 tacos. That’s right people. This little plate of food was $9. 6 bites. I thought was doing well by ordering 3 but I still needed a meal after this. So sorry, so fat.


I’m pretty sure I’m not ordering tacos for a long time unless I see them in person. The funny thing is that the Bay Area is known for burritos the size of your head (urban food logs) yet the tacos are the size of my index finger. And I have pianist fingers.


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