Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual fun runwalk


I hate races. Really. The people, the crowds, the running. Blah. However, I couldn’t pass up this Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run / Walk that my friend Sarah posted about! Plus, its virtual. I can do it by myself. I almost signed up for the half mary (since I can totally walk that) but I opted for the 5k and I plan on running it. Yep. I’m so sick of mileage based challenges but I have time for this one: between Saturday, June 01, 2013 – Saturday, November 30, 2013.  I think I might aim for June 1st or 2nd (I’ll have tennis on the 1st, have to check with the weather and how much I wear myself out).

It’s a great cause honestly. It’s all going to charity (I think for Boston) so why not? Images lifted from their Facebook Page, hope y’all don’t mind! Stay tuned for my “I almost died, screw cardio even for a good cause” post.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual fun runwalk medal