Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

cream cheese chocolate chunk cookies

Always looking for an excuse to bake cookies. Cookies are easy, portable and generally everyone likes them. I had a friend stop in town and I made her cookies! I wanted to try something a bit different but I only had a little time to bake and have them cool. These Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies fit the bill.

cream cheese chocolate chunk cookies-2

Okay, I haven’t figured out why they are called chocolate chip cookies when you don’t use chocolate chips. I opted for bar chocolate as well since I didn’t want someone unsuspecting to assume they were plain chocolate chip cookies. That’s like hiding mint or putting fork crosses in non-peanut butter cookies to me, kind of a bad scene. These are so much more than your average chocolate chip cookie. I used Tofutti cream cheeze and it just made a soft and wonderful cookie. The orange zest is just a little something that keeps you interested.

cream cheese chocolate chunk cookies-3

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