Chocolate Bottom Macaroon Cookies

Chocolate Bottom Macaroon Cookies


Okay, last minute Passover addition this year that I forgot to write about. Isa’s Chocolate Bottom Macaroon Cookies were a big hit. And I can’t believe it took so long for me to write about them. Sorry about that, but honestly, macaroons are great for every occasion. Especially parties with finger food. They tend to get popped in your mouth as you walk by the food table automatically. Add a dip of chocolate and you appeal to most people in the crowd.

Chocolate Bottom Macaroon Cookies Collage

This recipe is super easy. I used my blender for the tofu and you would never know that they were protein packed. Mostly because they taste like coconut sugar bombs. I made a double batch but honestly I should have made a single since there were some leftover. It’s not because they were bad, but it was because there was so much food that  even with half of them eaten there were still a ton leftover. I hear they freeze well 😉



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