Chocolate Banana Pudding

chocolate banana pudding
I don’t  know what it is lately but I’ve been loving pudding. I grew up eating a lot of pudding but the husband just never craves it or goes near it really, even if it is already made. So half batches work best, unless I’m really craving a lot of pudding.

chocolate banana pudding-2
Vegan puddings can be easy or hard.  I’m fine with trying harder recipes, they are a great challenge. But some days I just want to throw something in the food processor and be done with it. This recipe for Chocolate Banana Tofu Pudding falls into the easy category. I like the tofu protein boost in this one, plus I had a banana to use up. It tasted great and was so easy. I liked the “real sugar” taste in this one from the powdered sugar. Sometimes agave or maple syrup doesn’t cut it.

chocolate banana pudding-3

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