This challenge is rough. Even with a few days of over mileage I’m still can barely see the finish line. See, this is a brilliant challenge for higher mileage runners. Or bicyclists. However, if you are walking your 3.3 miles a day (to add up to around 100 for the month) it takes a damn hour.

That hour also can’t be counted towards other things like tennis or kettlebells. So on those days I have to double up on exercise. And I have to get my 3.3 miles in each day because if I don’t it will just start to add up and then it will be impossible to catch up.

I was so busy this weekend in the way of exercise and today my knees hurt and I’m exhausted. I did 2 hikes, 2 walks and almost 2 hours of tennis. My normal goal is to work out 3x a week. I like a lot of rest days when I do heavy lifting. However this “cardio” everyday (I do try to get my heart rate up) just leaves me wobbly. My pace gets slower and slower each day I don’t have a rest day. My hike was terrible yesterday. My walks have come close to 20 minute miles from 15 at the beginning of the challenge.

I plan on finishing but I’m just saying this is very hard for me. Technically I could do 10k every second day (or so) and have a rest day and it would work. But that’s a 2 hour session if I’m walking I have to block out. Yes, I generally finish before that but still I do have other things to do in the day, like work. Or sleep.

Plus, this stupid challenge is making me hungry. Yes, it’s only 3.3 miles a day but I’m more hungry than usual. And now I’m starting to pick up stupid things to eat like peanut butter pretzels. My weight is up because I’m making bad decisions on fueling my body. This past week was pretty crummy so this week I’m actually going to log my food on sparkpeople to see what the hell is up. Not dieting, just a balance check. I did notice yesterday I had a few hundred extra calories in a handful of almonds and of course peanut butter pretzels. Hrm.

Unfortunately I know this won’t be a habit. It won’t turn into something I’ll do everyday. I don’t feel better after walking so much every single day. I only have 9 more days so I’ll stick with it. I fear it will be followed up with a month on the couch but I’ll try to continue hiking and of course going to the gym plus tennis.