I’m the worst bitcher. Yes, this challenge was hard, it was a challenge for heavens sake. I have no idea how many people started it, or how many people bailed. I almost bailed, it sucked. That part kind of sucked. There was no communication. I was honestly alone on an island. Oh well.



As I’ve said in previous posts about this challenge, I’m never doing a high mileage challenge again. I sacrificed things that keep me healthy and well for this challenge. Sleep is one of them. Rest is another. It’s great to be active each day and I’d love to be one of those people who can do the same thing day in day out for an hour but my body protests.

I know I’m running a 5k in June but well, that’s just 1 out of these 30 days. I’m sure I can do it and not hurt like I do today (knees and hips are achy!).