What I Ate Wednesday 3/27/2013



What I ate yesterday. It was a busy day for sure. Got a lot done and actually ate pretty well for having almost no groceries in the house. I really need to fix that. My organic box comes on Wednesdays so it will be home when I get back from work. I started the day with a protein monster. There was spinach, a frozen banana and almond milk along with the protein powder this morning. I’m finally getting on the monthly theme. Go me.



Lunch was leftovers. Quorn naked cutlet, roasted potatoes and garlic plus some frozen broccoli I found in the freezer. Honestly this is the first time I’ve had frozen broccoli. No wonder people don’t like it. Ugh. Fresh or die. Maybe I’ll add the rest to green smoothies or something, it was pretty bad.



I felt like I wanted to east something around 4 so I went upstairs and found an apple. I wanted salty too so I threw on some nuts from the kitchen. Salty and sweet, good snack.



I actually did have some giant brussel sprouts in the fridge so I roasted them up for dinner (they weren’t very appropriate for lunch). I also made the rice and lentil salad I’ve been craving for a few days. I made some Whole Foods frozen citrus spare ribs as the protein but I didn’t have enough leftover rice for 2 people so I had mine on a piece of toast. It was interesting. At around 9pm I was just jonesing for something sweet. I pulled out the big guns and opened my chocolate quaker mini rice cakes. Heh. It actually did the trick so I can’t complain much. They were at the bottom of my pantry so they got kind of squished. Still tasty though.


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