What I Ate Wednesday 3/13/2013

Well, here we are again! I have been feeling sluggish lately but I know a lot of it has been due to allergies. I wanted to see what was up with my food as well. I’m just munching mindlessly lately, stupid stress. When I take a full days worth of photos I tend to pay more attention. This happened yesterday. I had a scone for breakfast. I’m working on a new recipe. Yes, you’re welcome. You will want to make these.



Lunch was FALAFEL! Woop! The truck is here 3 times this month. Yeah. This could be part of the sluggish. Man, I’m an addict.



I had a peach in the middle of the afternoon. It was the start to a mindless eating time. I caught it pretty well but I saw how for the past few weeks this has been the norm. Just eating when I’m not hungry. STAP IT SHANNON.

Dinner was Quebec Tortiere, I’ll write about that on pie day. The husband even liked it!


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