Vegan Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Pi Day part 2! I had to try a sweet pie, so two posts in one day. I hope that’s not a problem for you! I found a recipe for a Paleo Nutella Tart that looked awesome. And I could make it vegan. It doesn’t get better than that.
paleo tart-2
Oh hazelnuts. I love you in Nutella and your vegan versions. Why not pie? Well, you have to peel the damn hazelnuts so I put off making this until last night. Because I didn’t want to peel them. I read a few different opinions on peeling, one was boiling with baking soda which looked pretty easy but I went for the roasting option since that’s how the recipe rolls. And it seemed like it wasn’t a horrible thing if there was a bit of skin attached. And it seemed honestly easier.
paleo tart
The peeling is the hard part. The rest is at the mercy of the food processor. The base was thrown together easily. I used coconut oil and almonds. The filling was just as easy and let’s be honest here, I didn’t even clean out the food processor from the crust. It’s all going to the same place.
paleo tart-3
I did do the banana option because I have a surplus right now. This tart really was banana-y but that’s okay because I love bananas and nutella. If you aren’t a huge fan of bananas I’d go with another option which is totally easy if you have some yogurt in the house. I have to say the tart is pretty awesome. A pain to make only because of the hazelnuts but I have a feeling I’ll make it again. It’s awesome straight out of the freezer after a few hours so go ahead and make the whole thing. It will be waiting for you when your cravings hit.
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