Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies

I started an ipad subscription to the Vegetarian Times in the fall and I really like the format. What is pretty cool is I can copy/paste the recipes I think I want to try and email them to myself. I was going through my recipes folder and wanted something chocolate. Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies popped out so I got right to work (linked is the same recipe published elsewhere, thanks Internet).

triple chocolate mint cookieThis is a refrigerator or ice box cookie, meaning you have to wait for it to set and then cut out portions. Honestly, with the chocolate chips it slices horribly. I even had it in the freezer but the dough just didn’t get that nice sliceable consistency with the chips. Anyway, I did my best and formed circles and baked them up. I was surprised they stayed soft, it could have been my bake time but honestly I think they are just a soft cookie. And they tasted fantastic.

Next time I’d just make them a flattened drop cookie. There will be a next time since they are very tasty and the chocolate drizzle just makes them extra special.


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