Tennis Is Fun, I Think ;)


When I was in St. Louis I needed to change my exercise habits up. I saw a recreational class for tennis and hopped on board. It was during the summer and outside to so it was hot and humid but a great workout. Well, I did sweat a lot. I was horrible. I think I took the beginners session three times, barely hitting the ball. I ran around a lot.


I haven’t been hiking  so a few weeks ago I started rec lessons again. It gets me out of the house and I’m actually doing it with a friend which is fun. I’m still pretty horrible, and the coach picks on me a lot because well, I’m bad. He’s only looking out for me, I totally get it, but I feel like I disappoint him a lot.  There’s a lot going on in tennis when you are playing properly and it doesn’t come natural. At all. I skipped last week because my arms hurt too much to hold a racket. This week I felt like I didn’t learn anything the past few weeks and started at the beginning. Oh well. The coach probably hates me but hey, I give the other people in the class a boost of confidence!


I’m sure if I practiced I’d be better. I know if I didn’t have jacked up arms I’d be way better than I am but it is what it is. The only problem is that it is on Saturday mornings and honestly I like to hike on Saturdays rather than Sundays in case I push myself too much and hurt on Monday which is kettlebell days. I don’t skip kettlebell days. It’s good to do something different though so I might sign up for the next session as well. No action shots, I can barely aim to hit the damn ball.


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