Quinoa, White Bean & Kale Stew


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I’m going to admit something here. I don’t really ever cook quinoa. It’s the texture, and it gets stuck in my retainers and teeth. And it doesn’t taste lunch much so there is quite a bit of effort that goes into making it awesome. But I had about a cup of quinoa in my pantry so I decided to make the Quinoa, White Bean & Kale Stew from Appetite for Reduction. It turned out great! I didn’t have a leek so I used a regular white onion. I also didn’t have a parsnip so I just used extra potatoes. Those ended up being my favourite bit. What really brought it all together is that I used the Better Than Bouillon No Chicken so not only did the herbs have a ton of flavour, the broth was packed with a rich base. I did make the whole recipe so I think I’m going to freeze a lot of this for quick lunches. quinoa white bean kale stew

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