Scones. I haven’t made them in a while so I was in the mood. This recipe for No-So-Squirrely Scones is a take on Dreena’s recipe and it was pretty awesome. What did I like about it? The granola in the scone gave it a brilliant texture. There was a bit of a salty bite from the salt in the recipe which just paired nicely. Of course the chocolate is always a bonus so that’s never a bad thing.

Not-So- Squirrely SconesHonestly I have to try the original recipe but these will go into rotation. Even if you use all-purpose flour I’m sure the texture of the granola would be enough to please a crowd. I made half a batch and made mini scones which are the perfect size for snacking and yet they are not overly sweet.

Not-So- Squirrely Scones-2