Low Carb Whipped Fudge

I’m not low carbing or anything but I was looking for a recipe with chocolate and peanut butter. I had bookmarked this Low Carb Whipped Fudge recipe from Carli and thought it was a nice easy weekday treat. Well, that is if you make it in the morning, place it in the fridge and then have it after work. It takes a bit to firm up.  I opted to make versions with salted almonds, salted peanuts, banana chips and coconut. I like the almonds the best.

Low Carb Whipped Fudge-2My fudge stayed a little soft no matter what, and that’s because I guestimated with the peanut butter. Since I didn’t feel like measuring out peanut butter to be exact so I just added some big spoonfuls. I have big spoons! Either way it’s very tasty and super easy if you happen to have liquid stevia. I had to actually go out and buy it since I don’t use stevia much but when I do it’s powdered. I’m not sure how I would substitute actual sugar in this one but I’m positive someone else could make it work.

Not sure if it’s going into regular rotation but it’s a pretty good recipe if you are low carbing and have all the ingredients in your house.

Low Carb Whipped Fudge-3

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