King Arthur Flour Sourdough Pizza Dough

sourdough pizza dough
Always looking for ways to use up sourdough starter. And I picked a good one yet again. I decided to make a few thick crust pizzas from the King Arthur Flour recipe for Sourdough Pizza Crust. It was super easy and I made two thick 9 inch pies (I baked one in my cast iron pie pan and the other in my cast iron skillet). We don’t share pizza in this household.

sourdough pizza dough-2

The dough was tasty but I think I’d prefer the sourdough flavour in a thinner crust. I did let it sit a few days in the fridge so the sourdough flavour was pretty pronounced which was the point of letting it sit. The husband thought it was great and he generally only likes thin crust. I’ll be using this recipe again but in a thinner freeform style pie I believe.


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